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Time Travel
Places & Faces
Around the World in Eight Days!
Savannah~A Box of Chocolates
Grand Hotel~America's Vacation Spot
Step into a time machine and travel to the outer limits.
History, beautiful 19th century Victorian homes, good food, shopping...
Nothing says 19th Century elegance like Grand Hotel!
Arts & Crafts Card Making 101
Apple Days for Apple Ways
Victorian Etc. Magazine
Spend quality time with your children or grandchildren!.
Recipes and more are put in our apple book for you to enjoy!
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News, Books, Magazines Lisa Griffiths Lewis~Victoriana Lady
An Interview with Betty Ann Harris
Webutante Ball~Chapter One
Rhythm of the Rails
Author and living history professional actress and speaker.
Passion for a romantic lifestyle and an interest in mystery & suspense.
It was an invitation to a Webutante Ball.
Read our favorite Issue to date with plenty of hometown flavor.
Tea Time Afternoon Tea
The Brown Palace Hotel
A Victorian Christmas Tea
A wonderful tradition, popularized by the British.
Traditional Afternoon Tea: take part in a longstanding tradition.
A Christmas Tea Party, savor the holiday with a circle of friends.

Victorian Etc. Magazine, our Sister Site, attempts to bring the history of the Victorian people, lifestyle, customs, and crafts to light.  Lose yourself in the ambiance of another time, place, and century.  Whether we share a cup of tea or tackle one of the do-it-yourself Victorian craft projects, we want to welcome you home.  Think of us as friends or family.  Feel the warmth from the Victorian fireplace.  Eat, drink, and be merry...

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