​Schuster Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Milwaukee, WI

Morning Coffee /Tea/Juice Brought to Room


Mansion Tour

​Wine, WIFI, Popcorn!
​Rooms and Suites Available

Children Over 8 Welcome

High and Low Tea Available (see our Tea Time page!)

"Relax with History and Charm"

The Queen Victorian Bed and Breakfast

You certainly don't need a special reason to stay at a Victorian Bed and Breakfast, but they are the perfect venue for so many special occasions! 

Many Victorian Bed and Breakfasts have gardens and larger rooms for wedding receptions, anniversary and birthday parties and holiday events.  It's lovely to be able to stay overnight in a cozy room after you've had a bit of celebratory wine instead of having to head off into the night!

If you plan far enough ahead, you can book the entire bed and breakfast for a bridal shower and getaway weekend or even for a small family reunion.  Although bed and breakfasts usually serve only breakfast, for special occasions where the entire inn has been reserved, you can often ask for tea, wine and cheese, or even dinner.

Book time at a Victorian Bed and Breakfast for a photo shoot!  They are usually quite picturesque both inside and outside around the grounds and garden.  With the Victorian architecture as a backdrop, your photos will be especially striking.

Bed and Breakfasts make a great place to connect with friends.  You can stay at one that is most central when gathering friends from far away.  Choose one with lovely common areas where you can relax and catch up in ways that are just impossible in the hustle and bustle of day to day life.  You don't have to cook or clean!  Enjoy a large breakfast and then go to a recommended restaurant for dinner!

If you have a teenager or young adult child, a special time at a bed and breakfast can be the occasion for some conversation that goes beyond, "what did you do today?"  It provides the time, the space and the slower pace that is often needed for more in-depth discussions.  Time is such a precious thing, and scheduling time away says that you care!

Of course, time with a partner at a Victorian Bed and Breakfast can be very romantic!  Enjoy the room, the food, the time together, and the more intimate setting that a home-based stay has to offer.

Once you find a bed and breakfast that you love, you'll find yourself coming up with plenty of reasons to go there!

The Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast
Cape May, NJ

35 Lovely Rooms & Suites

Whirlpool Tub and Fireplace Suites Available

Sumptuous Breakfast
Private Breakfast Area Available

Afternoon Tea Included


Children Welcome

TC Smith Historic Inn Bed and Breakfast

How will I know that I'm in a Victorian B & B?  Although the Victorian Era spanned many years and produced a number of styles in architecture, you'll often see a detailed "gingerbread house" exterior with steeply pitched roof and full width porch.  You'll definitely see interesting nooks and crannies in the facade such as bay windows and cupolas. The appearance won't be symmetrical, more like a castle.  Inside look for beautifully detailed woodwork, fancy moldings, stained glass, fireplaces, even secret passages and cupboards!  Often you'll find tiled floors, curving staircases, chandeliers and wall sconces.  Richly patterned wallpaper and of course, period furniture add a final touch.

I (Nancy) lived in a Victorian house for 5 years and will never forget the magical curved wooden staircase, the expansive front porch with swing, the front "music room" and the many rooms, hallways and staircases!

These large Victorian houses were built by the wealthy and were in fact status symbols by virtue of their size and fine detailing  Over time these houses became much less "practical" and took a back seat to more modern and modest structures.  They became associated with the past and with times of great inequalities.  Because these Victorian houses have much more history than those from later times, and because they have been used in literature as vehicles for evil, the "old Victorian house" has a reputation of being haunted.  However, unless you are particularly looking for a an old "haunted" house, you are unlikely to feel frightened in a Victorian Bed and Breakfast.  They have been restored and refurbished for good sleeps, good food, and good fun!

For more on the association of Victorian houses and ghosts, CLICK HERE!

Eclectic Victorian Bed and Breakfast

Mount Pleasant, TN

Gardens, Fish Ponds, Waterfalls

3 Lovely Rooms

3 Parlors for Relaxing

Near Amish Shops

Near Civil War Sites

Delicious Breakfast

Drinks and Snacks Available

Children over 12 Welcome

Where to Find a Victorian Bed and Breakfast

You'll find Victorian Bed and Breakfasts in pretty much every state of the US and in Canada as well!  Some are in rural areas, some are right on a city street!  Historic areas are popular places for Victorian B & B's.  Victorian Bed and Breakfasts can be open year round, or as in the case of some coastal areas, closed during the winter months.  Listed below are just a few of your lovely options for enjoying a Victorian Bed and Breakfast!  

The Gilded Cupid Bed and Breakfast

Jim Thorpe, PA

3 Lovely Rooms



Breakfast with Fresh Garden Herbs
​Historic Area

Solomon's Victorian Inn

Chesapeake Bay - Solomons, MD

7 Beautiful Rooms

3-Course Breakfast

Island Venue with Boating, Biking, Walking

Magnificent Harbor Views from Every Room

All -Day Soft Drinks, Cookies, Tea, Coffee, Bottled Water

WIFI and TV in All Rooms

Solomon's Victorian Inn

Staying at a Victorian Bed and Breakfast

Choosing a Victorian Bed and Breakfast

Holden House 1902 Bed and Breakfast Inn

​Victorian Bed & Breakfasts

Schuster Mansion Bed and Breakfast
The Gilded Cupid Bed and Breakfast

TC Smith Historic Inn Bed and Breakfast

Lake Geneva, WI

Walking distance from Lake and Shops

Breakfast plus Afternoon Tea

Luxurious Baths with Whirlpools

Fireplace in Each Room

Families and Pets Welcome

​​​The Appearance of a Victorian Bed and Breakfast

What fun to head back in time to the Victorian Era with none of the associated drudgery and all of the luxuries one could desire!  That's the delight of staying at a Victorian Bed and Breakfast (or B&B)!  We are gathering some of the finest and most beautiful Bed and Breakfasts in the USA and Canada to tempt you to take that much needed break and to treat yourself to elegance, good food, and maybe a bit of stained glass and velvet.  Our disclaimer is that we have not stayed at all of these inns, so research their websites and choose what suits you best.  We welcome feedback from your stays!

Most Victorian B & B's are found in actual Victorian Era houses, many refurbished with attention to historic detail.  You'll find lovely period furnishings in some, but also plenty of 21st century comfort.  There is usually an assortment of rooms, each with its own special theme or color.  You'll find that some bathrooms have actual clawfoot tubs, while others have been upgraded to showers and even whirlpools.

Breakfast is, of course, the main event, often with several courses and possibly even a dessert!  Some inns cater to those attending surrounding events and will pack a breakfast, snack or lunch accordingly.  While dinner is not usually served, some Victorian Bed and Breakfasts serve high tea in the Victorian fashion!  If they do, don't pass it up, as it's a real treat.  Most inns will have several places that they can suggest to you for your evening meal and will have drinks and some snacks available for your stay.

It's common for Victorian Bed and Breakfasts to have lovely grounds and gardens that have been well kept for your enjoyment.  From rose gardens to gazebos, patios to pathways, you're sure to find some peaceful places to commune with nature.  There are also often old style porches with comfortable chairs for sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea or coffee.  And if waves are your thing, choose one of several Victorian B&B's near lakes, rivers and oceans. 

If you're looking for a place to go with your children, pay close attention to the description, as many Victorian B&B's are structured for adults who desire peace and quiet, and much as we adore those little ones...

​Happy Exploring!

Nancy recommends The Honeybee Inn in Horicon, Wisconsin!

B&B Owners:  If you serve a High or Low Tea, let us know and we'll list you for FREE on our Tea Time page!

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Holden House 1902 Bed & Breakfast Inn  
Colorado Springs, CO
24-Hour Coffee-Tea-Bottomless Cookie Jar

Afternoon Wine Social
Full Gourmet Breakfast
Six Romantic Suites with Private Baths and Fireplaces
Boutique-style Inn with Free WiFi 
Historic Area with shops and dining
"The Romance of the Past with the Comforts of Today"

When choosing a Victorian Bed and Breakfast there are many things to consider.  What sort of occasion (if any) you are celebrating, the size of your group, what you will be doing during your stay, whether or not you have children with you, and how social you feel like being are just a few of the factors which will influence your choice.

At many bed and breakfasts you will be breakfasting around a common table with other guests.  If you are low on social energy, find a bed and breakfast where you'll be seated by yourselves or where you can dine in the room.  You'll also find that many innkeepers are happy to chat with you, so let them know if you need a little less interaction.  They've heard it before and won't take it personally.  If you are excited about meeting new people and making new friends, choose a bed and breakfast where there is common seating and breakfast is served at one time.

A Victorian Bed and Breakfast is a home.  The innkeepers most likely live there.  As with all houses, some are larger than others.  Some have only two rooms for guests, others have nine.  Do your research so that you have enough space to reserve for your group.

Many Victorian Bed and Breakfasts are filled with lovely furniture and accents that are not child proof.  Don't be surprised if children under a certain age are not allowed.  There are more casual bed and breakfasts and certainly hotels, that might be a better choice if you have little ones traveling with you.

​Historic areas often have bed and breakfasts.  If you are a history buff, be sure to check for Victorian Bed and Breakfasts close to museums and historic sites of interest.  You'll have fun while you learn and a wonderful breakfast to fuel your day trip.

If you just wanted to get away from your everyday life, but didn't have anything special in mind, don't worry.  Your innkeeper will have lots of suggestions and often brochures for things to do and see in the area.

Occasions for Staying at a Victorian Bed and Breakfast