Tea Time at Schuster Mansion... Recommended by Nancy!*

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TC Smith Historic Inn Bed & BreakfastTea and Fruit, Cheese and Wine, Dessert​Part of the B&B Package
Schuster Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Low Tea:  Pastries and Tea

High Tea:  Etiquette & History Lessons
7 Teas
Sweets, Scones & Savories (Lunch)

Mansion Tour

$20 Per Person

$40 Per Person 

(Add $5 for Gluten Free)

The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast
Afternoon Tea with Sweets and Savories
Part of the B&B Package
The Eclectic Victorian Bed & Breakfast
Low Tea, Afternoon Tea and High Tea by Appointment​$10, $14, $24

High Tea and Low Tea

Tea Cups, Teapots, Tea Accessories

The habit of Tea and Food with Friends is said to date to the Victorian Era and in particular to Duchess Ann of Bedford, a friend and lady of Queen Victoria.  It appears, however, that the afternoon "meal" of tea predates this by possibly one hundred years.  To Lady Ann, we think, we can attribute the making of "Tea" a daily habit and one of fare more dainty and sweet, in other words, the invention of Low Tea.  (See http://www.teageek.net/blog/2010/08/is-the-duchess-of-bedford-a-fraud/)

Doesn't it seem as if High Tea should have been for the Upper Class and Low Tea for the Lower Classes?  But such is not the case!  In fact, a high tea was really a substantial meal with both sweets and savories, breads, meats and vegetables (served at a HIGH dinner table.)  A low tea was a "snacking" tea around which social events and conversation flowered (served at a LOW coffee table style of table.)  Little cakes and cookies were the usual fare of the low tea.  It was typically the upper class who enjoyed the more delicate low tea, and the working class who fueled with the more substantial high tea!

​*​High Tea at the Schuster Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin...

​I just came from having High Tea at the Schuster Mansion!  From the warm greeting at the door to the promise of a return, we were whisked into another century and pampered beyond measure. I couldn't finish my last pastery, but that's what I get for devouring every savory sandwich and flaky scone that came near to me!  I tried at least four of the seven teas; my favorites were the Schuster Special Blend and the Cinnamon Spice.  I ended with Peppermint!  A short historical talk of the perfect length ended our tea time, and then we were free to sip more tea while we toured the first floor.  A delightful gift store was filled with the scent of fine teas and I lingered over the earrings, scarves, fans and music boxes.  I can't wait to return for another visit!  Bring an appetite and an appreciation of all things lovely!

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