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The Victorian Heart Shoppe is owned and managed by Julie Wilson and Nancy Guenther of  Roses and Teacups

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Media Release 11/20/2007!

170 Years of Unbridled Passion: The Women of the Victorian Heart Shoppe

Ranging in age from 35 to 70, their bios read like the pages of a 19th Century romance novel. Meet the women of the Victorian Heart Shoppe and take a walk into history through their passionate dreams fulfilled. 

They came from all walks of life as their paths crossed, from shopkeepers to innkeepers, from artists to teachers, from homeschoolers to thoroughbred race horse trainers, from writers to illustrators, from secretaries to classical musicians, from "Cookie Queens" to runway models. Let these women weave you into their lives, but beware, as you will become entwined in the common thread of all things Victorian. 

Although they own boutiques, galleries, home studios, bed & breakfast inns, gift shops, and booths in antique malls; most of them have created their "Somewhere in Time" moments in a virtual reality known as the "web".  Diane, who lives in upstate New York, described her 15 minutes of fame as "having the courage and faith to start my own business and to do what I always dreamed of doing!" And, they have all shared a passion to create and collect! 

Our women's online Victorian businesses gathered at a quaint little "town square" website appropriately named Victorian Heart Shoppe. Since January of 2004, when Victoria's dream of coordinating a "window shopping" Victorian mall was realized, she mused: "With the help of my husband and webmaster, we built it and they came!" 

The women of the Victorian Heart Shoppe have been modest when it comes to their accomplishments. Their shops and products have been featured in magazines such as Romantic Homes, Romantic Country, Country Victorian, Elle, Greetings Etc. and more. Their artwork has been incorporated into books and even on puzzles, such as Shelley's "Please Mr. Postman" done by Ravensburger in Germany. Darna had 36 of her amazing hats worn at the Kentucky Derby this year. Lisa had her children's book Matilda Private Eye: The Case of the Missing Socks published, and Galia had a book of inspirational poems published. Nancy and Julie are in the process of expanding their Broken to Beautiful program, an outreach to women in domestic violence situations. They love every minute they spend volunteering for many organizations. 

These women are an inspiration to young women everywhere.  Nancy, an interior decorator said, "I am semi-retired…very ill with Lupus and Sjogrens Syndrome…in pain 24/7, and it's not over till I win." For the most part, they would rather talk about their husbands, children, grandchildren, and pets than themselves. Linda's pride shone when she spoke of her "daughter Tara and her husband Derrick [who] are both active duty Air Force", and Eve spoke of her teenage children who "have been and are the light of my life; they have awarded me with all richness of the world. It couldn't get any better than that." There is an overwhelming sense of contentment as Debra suggested, "I love all I do and wouldn't trade a thing", or as Elizabeth described, "My life is very full and blessed."  Michelle reflected, "I am looking forward to a bright and prosperous future, by God's grace." 

Visit the women of the Victorian Heart Shoppe and take a walk through a secret garden, to a haven, to a simpler time, to another era, to their Victorian world. 

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