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​​Victorian Heart Shoppe... gifts and glimpses of the Victorian era:  from the clothing and accessories, to the arts and crafts, to the homes and gardens, of this privileged, vanished society.

Victorian Heart Shoppe Mall bids you welcome!  Because women love to window shop, we have searched the internet and brought together some of the finest online shopping sites available.  All of them have a flair for that personalized, feminine touch of a bygone era.  Our fine assortment of Victorian gifts will make all of your gift giving easy.  Relax and browse our storefront displays, then enter each shop at your leisure.

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Victorian Era Tidbits

"At the center of the sumptuous, well-upholstered age we call Victorian is the diminutive figure of a Queen who set the tone of those expansive years between 1837 and 1901. She ruled an Empire on which the sun never set, but she was also a loving wife to her husband, Albert, and a caring and concerned, if regal, mother to their nine children. Queen Victoria took her responsibilities as ruler seriously, but the emotional center of her life and Albert's was their children and the family atmosphere of their houses on the Isle of Wight, in Scotland, and in the English countryside, not the social grandeur of London. Her subjects took their cue from the Royal family. The social scene in London, however, remained brilliant for four months of every year, led by Victoria's son Edward, Prince of Wales and his wife Alexandra." We have attempted to capture the ease and graciousness of this era at our Victorian Heart Shoppe. We have given you glimpses of this privileged, vanished world from their clothing and accessories, to their arts and crafts, to their homes and gardens.    (From "A Victorian Book of Days" copyright 1983.)