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Victorian Heart Shoppe Mall bids you welcome to our Third Avenue Shoppes!  All of them have a flair for that personalized, feminine touch of a bygone era. This avenue features wonderful vintage clothing and accessories for your home and yourself. Everything from antiques to Victorian style hats and handbags, our fine assortment of Victorian gifts will make all of your gift-giving easy.  Relax and browse our storefront displays, then click the link beneath each window to enter that shop.   In a hurry, click here to view our mini directory.

  Third Avenue Shops  Third Avenue Shops

Victorian The Victorian Shoppe The Swan Company Victorian Etc. Online Magazine Victorian
Charming Victorian Clothing
The Victorian Shoppe
Rope & Tassel Portiere
The Swan Company
Live Like a Queen
'Victorian Etc.' Magazine
Crochet Visions Victorian Laurels Victorian Etc. Online Magazine Victorian Laurels Roses and Teacups
Fine Thread Crochet
Crochet Visions
Victorian Vanity Trays
Victorian Laurels
Southern Solace
'Victorian Etc.' Magazine
Victorian Laurels Perfume
Victorian Laurels
Vintage Inspired Hankies
Roses and Teacups
Charmed Victorian Victorian Laurels Victorian Etc. Online Magazine Shelley McVittie's Studio
Picture Rail Hooks
Swan's Picture Hangers
Typewriter Key Jewelry
Charmed Victorian
"FREE" is Good
Victorian Laurels
Titanic Issue
'Victorian Etc.' Magazine
Shelley's Own Cookbooks
Shelley McVittie's Studio
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Custom Doll Boutique
Doll in the Looking Glass
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3rd Avenue
Victorian Shoppes
Accessories &
Roses and Teacups
Victorian Laurels
The Victorian Shoppe
Great Selection of Vintage Inspired Hankies.
Victorian Laurels Perfume, Pillows, and Pretties.
Charming Victorian clothing, accessories, and gift items.
Home & Garden Swan's Picture Hangers
'Victorian Etc.' Magazine
Picture Rail Hook Collection.
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Jewelry Victorian Laurels
Charmed Victorian
Gorgeous Sterling Silver Jewelry, at unbelievable prices!
Typewriter Key Jewelry w/letter choice.
Arts / Crafts The Swan Company
Crochet Visions
Doll in the Looking Glass
Rope & Tassel Portiere.
The Art of Fine Thread Crochet,custom orders.
Create the doll of your dreams at our custom doll boutique!
Tea Time 'Victorian Etc.' Magazine
Victorian Laurels
Victorian Tea Etiquette and Parlors.
Victorian Laurels bejeweled bottles w/matching vanity trays.

Victorian history corner

Victorian Era Tidbits:
During the Victorian era women's 'jewellery' included cameos, gold or silver watches with fobs, worn in pocket at belt, or attached to left shoulder by fleur-de-lis or bow knot, large lockets on chains (usually heart-shaped), small lockets on short chains, dog collars studded with precious stones, pins of diamonds, brilliants or pearls used to secure high collars, narrow wedding bands, diamond solitaire engagement rings, link bracelets fastened by small heart-shaped padlocks, and bangle bracelets. Accessories included chatelaine bags, hand purses hooked onto belt, lorgnettes, muffs - usually flat, fur necklets, feather boas, 4-buttons gloves, card cases, buckled belts, sashes, small fans, folding wheel-shaped fans, long-handled umbrellas, usually tipped in gold or mother-of-pearl, small parasol with lace, long elaborate hat pins, and gold pens in mother-of-pearl holder. The look of demure prim gentility was emphasized by the loss of the great hats in 1835 for bonnets. Great hats had given a flirtatious air to clothes and their replacement by bonnets changed the whole character of day dresses. Lavishly trimmed bonnets stayed in fashion for half a century and weren't worn much after 1890.
(Information from www.romancereaderatheart.com/victorian/timeline/)

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