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Don't be fooled by our low prices! We provide the most affordable advertising for your online 'Victorian, Cottage, Romantic' themed shop. Now in our eighth year, we have seen a bustle of activity with much acclaim from many affiliate sources some of which are mentioned below. Join us, won't you?

    Our Highlights:

  • Present, Providing a stable community of merchants and five years of archived advertising in our online magazine. (see below)
  • 2012, Provided new Multi-media Packages for our Members. (see below)
  • 2011, Advertising in "The Tea House Times" bimonthly publication.
  • 2010, Corporate Sponsor of newly released Victorian Etc. online Magazine.
  • 2009, Vendor Spotlight @ Qflea.com (Link Below), Exact Seek PPC advertising, Victorian Marketplace member @ Mostly-Victorian.com
  • 2008, Featured article in Victoriana Magazine, vendor spotlight in The Qflea Shopping News, and membership in Tea Bureau.
  • 2007, "Package Value Deals" (see below), November "Press Release", December "Blog".
  • 2006, Yahoo Sponsored Search to increase PPC advertising.
  • 2005, Google AdWord Campaigns for PPC advertising (ongoing).
  • 2004, Opened First Avenue for business in January.

  • Link to our media blitz highlights!

      Visit Qflea's Vendor Spotlight  Proud Member of Tea Bureau  Visit March's Featured Site - Victorian Heart Shoppe as seen in Victoriana Magazine 

    We Provide:

  • A unique, fun Shopping Experience for the casual Internet Buyer.
  • A display "Window of Opportunity" to drive Targeted Hits to your website.
  • Synergistic friendly Community with Related Interests for Product Sales.
  • Experienced Webmaster with state-of-the-art Equipment / Software.
  • Periodic paid / free submissions to major Search Engines and Directories.
  • "Keyword rich" site without stepping on the toes of New Algorithms.
  • "Links rich" site with Content / Context friendly links.

Read what our merchants are saying...

"...Your site is one that sends many visitors to my site, so I really wanted to keep my membership. And it's pretty too! I love pretty! : ) "
Michelle (Cameos and Keepsakes)
"Thanks so much. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss out, because I get so much traffic from Victorian Heart Shoppe.
Thanks, Theresa (Cottage Violets)
"...she decided to send a money order. I don't know where the traffic is coming from, but I have sold some things from both sites this week. Maybe the Victorian Heart Shoppe Mall. It had been really slow since Christmas. Thanks for thinking of me."
Galia (Gala Girl Purses & Gracious Treasures)
OH MY!!! It looks wonderful! I really appreciate it!!! Gosh, you've been really good to me and I enjoy going to your Victorian Heart Shop. Yes...please change the mini directory too...
Darna (Darna's East Angel Harbor Hats)
Whoo-hoo -- congratulations Vic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The press release is FABULOUS!!!! I loved how you incorporated so many elements of all of the different women and merchants on the Victorian heart Shoppe's website! This is wonderful and I have a big smile on my face! I am impressed by the steady amount of traffic coming to my website from the Victorian Heart Shoppe.
Laura (Pet Scribbles)
Vic~ Please put me on the waiting list ~Good news~ the traffic to my site has been tremendous too! Great Job! My Best to You,
Sharon (C'est Chouette)

They say, "Necessity is the mother of invention!" We sought out online Victorian Shopping Malls to advertise our own Victorian themed website. What we found was a disappointment. Several charged hundreds / year for one link. We personally did not want to spend this amount to "test" their expertise. We had an idea (because a picture is worth a thousand words) for a window shopper's haven . . . and what woman doesn't love to window shop? We came up with a modest "buy in" price and now have over "40 merchants and growing" during our eighth year of promoting your business.

To join, simply decide on the plan that best suits your needs and choose one of our easy-pay options from the table. We are looking for diversity within a theme. We respect the presence of each of our merchants and will try not to duplicate products. Upon approval, we will upload an image file of your choosing (minimum 115 pixel dimensions), site description and links. Please e-mail us with questions on availability or plan options from the e-mail button below this table.
(No adult sites or images, please!)

We accept these cards & e-checks below.

Annual Fee
New Member
Annual Renewal
Platinum Plus
($385 value)
$25.00/mo x 12
$20.00/mo x 12
Elite Package plus:
1-mo. VHS feature page
Full year Contest Participation
($240 value)
$18.75/mo x 12
$15.00/mo x 12
First Avenue Window plus two additional windows (where AVBL).
12.50/mo x 12
$10.00/mo x 12
First Avenue Window
(if available).

One window on Second thru Fifth Avenue (where available).
5th Avenue Shoppes
Trial Membership
$45/6 mo.
One window on Fifth Avenue for (6) month trial period.
* Payment options are on a "Pay it Forward" basis and initial payment must be completed by the 15th of the month prior to placement.
All memberships include mini and maxi directory listing, site map listings with links, photo gallery (opt).
Please check on First Avenue availability before paying!

Ask about our "Town Square" double windows!